Jaeger-LeCoultre delivers the first Master Compressor Diving Alarm Navy SEALs Beverly Hills Boutique Incursion Editions at the Jaeger-LeCoultre Navy SEALs mini BUDs. Since the announcement of the partnership between the US Navy SEALs and Jaeger-LeCoultre with the unveiling of the Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs collection in 2008, two US Navy SEALs have been using the Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs alarm during their deployments and operations around the world, gathering performance information about the watch in an operational and tactical environment.

Last January, Jaeger-LeCoultre had the pleasure to announce the extension of their Navy SEALs line with timepieces exclusively created for its Beverly Hills Boutique. The natural progression for the Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs line was to create the Incursion Edition for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Beverly Hills flagship. The geographic proximity to the Navy SEALs training base in Coronado has created a particularly strong following for the Master Compressor Navy SEALs collection. Due to this strong US following of the Navy SEALs and Jaeger-LeCoultre partnership, the Beverly Hills Boutique set out to create a penultimate edition for its most passionate enthusiast.

The original Master Compressor Diving Alarm served as the optimal base platform housing a majority of the purposed needs for the Incursion Edition. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s perpetual quest for innovation, further adjustments and improved design details were employed to create subtle yet important changes to further optimize this Edition for its required usage. Highly symbolical, these very exclusive limited editions pay tribute to the origins of the Navy SEALs as this elite unit was established by President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1962. This monumental point in history was a big inspiration to the Incursion Edition theme, with the final number of pieces being a permutation of the numerals “1962”, with 19 pieces for the black titanium version and 62 for the grey pvd version.

Such a dynamic watch deserves nothing short of an explosive delivery. Last week, Jaeger-LeCoultre and CEO Jerome Lambert hosted the first Jaeger-LeCoultre Navy SEALs event in Coronado, California for friends and enthusiasts of the brand. Both Navy SEALs who have tested and evaluated the Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs timepieces were present to give a brief look into the world of this elite group of men to discuss their experiences with the watches.

Guests were given the opportunity to truly see the integrity, strength and pride that goes along with being a SEAL. A lucky few participants were presented the first delivered Incursions by the SEALs to wear with the knowledge that these same qualities were used in making their timepieces. The SEALs will continue to wear the watches, give feed back, and document their experiences in order to advise Jaeger-LeCoultre on further Master Compressor Diving Navy SEALs editions to come.

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