A clock collaboration between Philippe Lebru of UTINAM Besançon clock manufacture and watch designer Alain Silberstein has resulted in a mechanical floor clock that’s roughly 6-feet tall.

Naturally, the vibrant red, blue, and yellow colors that Silberstein is known for are present — as are the geometric shapes which complete his signature look. Lebru, the founder of UTINAM Besançon clock manufacture who has created iconic contemporary pendulum clocks such as “Hortence”, “Lala” and “Pop Up.”

Philippe Lebru x Alain Silberstein floor clock

Together, Silberstein and Lebru have created the KB2 (short for “Kontwaz Bauhaus 2”), a contemporary mechanical pendulum floor clock that will make a statement wherever you place it. There’s also a wall-mount version, which is essentially the same clock but without the red and yellow metallic floor stand.

KB2 Lebru × Silberstein Clock

Combining the looks of a Krono Bauhaus or other Silberstein timepieces, with the pendulum clock similar to the Lebru’s “Pop-up” that was developed and crafted by the UTINAM manufacture — this combination of horology, art, craftsmanship, and design is sure to make any space pop.

KB2 Lebru × Silberstein Clock

A limited-edition of 88 clocks will be produced, and they will be marketed at UTINAM gallery in Besançon, France as well as at the M.A.D. mechanical art galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Taipei, and via their e-shops. Retail is approximately $21,500 for the KB2 wall clock or $26,900 for the KB2 floor clock.


KB2 Lebru × Silberstein Clock



Photos by M.A.D. Gallery.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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