At Baselworld 2011, MB&F’s main introduction was the MB&F HM3 ReBel, an 18-piece limited edition version of the HM3 Sidewinder.

The ReBel is made to be worn on your right wrist, which is not the correct wrist that most of us should wear our wristwatch on (it is the norm to wear a watch on the opposite wrist from the one you write with), hence the name “ReBel.” The second image (above) is a gold version of the HM3, the design is a mirror image of the ReBel. The HM3 ReBel has a PVD-treated 18K white gold case. The movement is the same as the original HM3, aside from the charcoal colored plates and bridges, which are new on the ReBel. The rotor features MB&F’s signature battle axe design and is made of 22K gold.

The retail price is $84,000.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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