This weekend, just ahead of SIHH 2019, Malaysian independent watch brand Ming debuted their latest watch, the 19.02.

Compared to the Ming 19.01 which we wrote about last year, the 19.02 features essentially the same 39 mm diameter case, now with an added world time function, which incredibly, only adds 0.3 mm to the movement thickness. Ming utilized a Schwarz-Etienne manufactured micro-rotor caliber to maximize the visibility of this beautifully finished movement while offering the convenience of an automatic watch (the 19.01 has a manual wind movement).

Ming 19.02 GMT wristshot
Ming 19.02 wristshot

In addition to the case, which is now just slightly thicker at over 11.2 mm thick, the 19.02 shares the same indices, gradient sapphire dial, case, and hands, of the 19.01. And while the 19.02 retains the 19.01’s gradient sapphire dial, it’s now in black, and the main plate and bridges are in rose gold, so even if the size is about the same – the aesthetic has changed considerably.

There’s also a new masked section for the titanium 24-hour disk, under the dial, that rotates to easily display time across the marked timezones.

Ming 19.02 movement
Schwarz-Etienne manufactured caliber ASE220.1 with rose-gold plated mainplate and bridges

According to Ming, “We chose to make the cities static and 24 hour disk rotate as numbers are easier to recognize at a glance than airport codes. The cities are printed under the sapphire to minimize parallax and create the impression of a completely seamless display. We’ve also added a central crosshair to assist in fast indexing and reading of time, and Ming Thein’s eclectic city selection for something a little different – the 19.02 is probably one of the few world time watches with Kuala Lumpur on the dial, reflecting our home.”

Ming 19.02 close-up
Ming 19.02 dial close-up

Configured for Ming the 19.02 is powered by a Schwarz-Etienne manufactured caliber ASE220.1 that features skeletonized bridges, a matte-blasted 5N rose gold coating, and hand-finished and polished anglage. The power reserve is approximately 70 hours which is automatically wound by a sintered tungsten micro-rotor that winds bidirectionally. Like the movement is the 19.01 the signature “MING” engraved, skeletonized barrel cover allows for easy determination of the amount of mainspring wind remaining.

As with the 19.01, the movement is adjusted in five positions and tested for an extended period prior to delivery.

Ming 19.02 caseback
Schwarz-Etienne manufactured caliber ASE220.1

“The 19.02’s case – in reality, a thin titanium band holding the two deep-box sapphire crystals together – is made from grade 5 titanium with a mixture of mirror-polished and finely brushed surfaces. It is once again constructed without a spacer ring for maximum rigidity. The dial is where the 19.02 is truly unique: made of sapphire, we use a unique lacquer process to achieve a deep black in the center, and fully transparent edges to allow some of the movement’s rose gold baseplate to be seen. It also has the deep reflective luster reminiscent of enamel. All printed markings are on the underside of the dial to achieve a seamless look,” says Ming.

Ming 19.02 lumeshot
Luminous bezel and skeletonized hands

Again, like with the 19.01, Ming has delivered a beautifully executed timepiece, that’s fundamentally different than really any that’s out there. And for creating with such a high level of detail and distinctiveness, the market will likely reward them.

The watch comes with quick release curved straps, made by Jean Rousseau Paris and is available to order immediately, with special pricing for early orders starting at approximately $9,900 and valid until 31 March 2019. After this, the 19.02 will be available for the full retail price starting of CHF 10,900. Deliveries are expected to begin at the end of 2019.

Learn more at Ming.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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