The publication posted this unconfirmed MoonSwatch x James Bond 007 image yesterday on social media.

Both the image and the leak/rumor were originally published by, and then LeCalibre subsequently posted the image and brief description on its account Twitter on January 13th, 2023. ScottishWatches placed its watermark in the upper right corner of the image, however, if you look closely, there’s also a Swatch Group copyright placed on the image at 6 o’clock.

This so-called 2023 MoonSwatch x James Bond 007 Edition could simply be a mock-up created by a third party or even created by Swatch during the conceptualization phase. However, the James Bond co-branding partnership is something Omega (owned by Swatch) has invested in since 1995, so the desire to generate returns from what’s likely their largest partnership outside of the Olympics, is certainly important to the company’s bottom line.

Screenshot taken from LeCalibre's Twitter page
Screenshot taken from LeCalibre’s Twitter page

That said, the biggest problem with the image is what appears to be a manual helium escape valve on the left side of the case at 10 o’clock, as seen on countless Seamaster 300M professional dive watches over the years, because this is a Speedmaster, not a Seamaster case. It’s not to say that Omega and Swatch could not develop a bioceramic watch that looks like the Speedmaster and has 300-meter water-resistance and professional diving functionality, but why would they not just use the design of the Seamaster case?

We discussed a potential Snoopy MoonSwatch as a way for Swatch and Omega to refresh the still red-hot MoonSwatch collection while also offering consumers justification to pay a higher markup. James Bond is not as collectible as a Snoopy co-branded Omega timepiece, although, either could feasibly allow Swatch to markup the MoonSwatch by 2x-4x.

Daniel Craig Moonswatch Mission to Neptune
Daniel Craig Moonswatch Mission to Neptune. Photos by Omega/Getty

Perhaps adding further credence to the leak/rumor, is the fact that Daniel Craig, who most recently played James Bond, was seen wearing a navy blue Mission To Neptune MoonSwatch last week. Unfortunately, it’s all speculation until something is confirmed.

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