You can change your watch bracelet or strap, without a watchmaker, as long as you do so with care — and the right tools.

These are our favorite Bergeon tools to get the job done.

Bergeon Screwdrivers 7965-P05 – for the money, this Bergeon five-piece Swiss screwdriver set is one of the best and can handle most of your bracelet-related screwdriver needs. The steel handles have a superior grip length, texture, and durability. You can add additional screwdriver sizes if needed. Stands are also available to hold the screwdrivers and additional tips. And there are even drums that can be added to further enhance torque and control. (Screwdrivers are not something we recommend skimping on and therefore do not recommend anything except for the Swiss versions of these.)

Bergeon 6111 Heavy-Duty Metal Spring Bar Tool – after testing over a dozen spring bar tools, we can safely say this is the best style and the Swiss-made versions have the best quality control. (Non-Swiss-made and Swiss-made clones of the 6111 may work but will have lower quality control. We’ve found that all travel spring bar tools are quite bad. Also, designs other than the 6111 design are more prone to causing errors that can scratch your watch.)

Bergeon 6825-PF Watch Bracelet Pliers – we’ve found this is the best type of tool to remove a broad variety of bracelets. (The Swiss-made versions will have the highest quality control, however, we’ve found the 6825 clones to work sufficiently.)

Bergeon 2611-TN Jewelers Eye Loupe – this type of loupe, typically 2.5X, can be held to your eye hands-free, and in many instances, will be crucial to see the thread on bracelet screws, or how a spring bar is fitted, and is, therefore, an essential tool when changing bracelets or straps. (We only recommend the Swiss versions of the 2611 loupe.)

Bergeon 6744-P Watch Bracelet Support Tool – this is our favorite holder to change bracelets both push or screw style links. It reduces the chance of error. (The Swiss versions and clones are both recommended as we see little difference between the two.)

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.