Today, Swiss independent watchmaker Romain Gauthier unveiled their first series-production watch in stainless steel. The Prestige HMS Stainless Steel comes in a 43 mm diameter case and features an ultra-rare meteorite dial (pictured top). The material was taken from the Henbury crater, originally discovered in 1931 in the Northern Territory of Australia, and is highlighted by coarse intersecting bands of nickel-iron crystal that shimmer at certain angles. Learn more about the 10-piece limited edition watch at Romain Gauthier.

Christopher Ward C8 M2.04 Limited Edition

Christopher Ward recently launched the C8 M2.04 Limited Edition which comes in a 44 mm pilot case and pays homage to the Concorde, which had the ability to reach Mach 2.04. Not only is the dial inspired by the original Concorde instrument panel – a piece of metal from an actual Concorde G-BOAB was also added behind the movement. The 50-piece limited edition is powered by the company’s in-house chronometer Calibre SH21. Retail was $2,850 but all have been sold already.

Gerald Genta Heritage

This month, the Gerald Genta Heritage Association was established to pay tribute to one of the greatest watch designers in history, as well as to encourage and reward promising young talent. The purpose is to pay tribute to one of the greatest watch designers in history as well as to encourage and reward promising young talent. According to the website, it will be “Supported by industry experts and pre-eminent horologists, Gerald Genta heritage will focus on raising awareness around the generosity, creativity and visionary spirit of the ‘Picasso of watches,’ the man behind many legendary timepieces and who made an unparalleled contribution to fine watchmaking. Chaired by Evelyne Genta, who worked alongside her late husband for almost 20 years as Commercial Managing Director of their joint business, this organization brings together qualified individuals, undisputed points of reference within the profession, and admirers of the Maestro’s legacy.”

Hamilton Khaki Automatic Murph

The Murph watch was a custom Khaki Field watch made for the movie Interstellar by Hamilton, and it played an integral part in the movie, which you can read about here. It was never put into production but Hamilton finally decided to make it and they made an exact replica, visually speaking, with a newer movement. The Khaki Field Murph Auto watch is limited to 2,555 pieces (first run) and is available for just under $995.

Professional Watches Rolex page screenshot

Rolex has recently intensified their use of the term “Professional Watches” and now has an entire section, encompassing all of their sports watches which include diving, flying, yachting, or motorsport, according to the website. TAG Heuer, Omega, Casio, Breitling, and Seiko all use the term Professional or Professional Watches to some extent, but none more than Rolex, who essentially coined it. Rolex previously had a single page defining a professional watch but now they’ve divided their entire watch collection into two sections: Professional Watches and Classic Watches.

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