This is Frank Buchwald’s third and final Nixie tube clock for MB&F’s M.A.D.Gallery — the Nixie Machine III.

The past two editions Nixie Machine I (2015) and Nixie Machine II (2017) were made using burnished steel and brass for the primary structure of the clock. For the Nixie Machine III, it’s made of solid stainless steel and all components have been hand-sanded and polished.

Like past versions, the sculptural table clock features old-school Nixie tubes that were handcrafted — with each glass tube being filled with a low-pressure neon-based gas and displaying the digit using a wire-mesh anode and layered cathodes. One cathode is needed for every numeral from 0 to 9 for a total of six separate cathodes.

The Nixie Machine III is limited to 18 pieces and is available exclusively from the M.A.D.Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Taipei, as well as the MB&F e-commerce store, for a retail price of CHF 32,000.

Learn more at MB&F.

Frank Buchwald Portrait de l'artiste

Nixie Machine III close-up

Frank Buchwald Atelier

Nixie Machine III Frank Buchwald side view

Frank Buchwald Atelier drawings

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