This is the new Ochs and Junior Day/Night. Based on the caliber UN0-320 from Ulysses Nardin, the Day/Night mechanism adds just 13 additional parts.

“The sun and the moon move in a median time. This latter differs from the time zone time depending on one’s position. Sunrise and sunset will occur at different times in the same time zone. Simply put, the day/night difference is the more pronounced the further one moves away from the equator in geographic latitude. Using the button near the 6 o’clock marker, “true noon”, which depends on one’s longitude, can be set very simply. The same function is used to switch from daylight savings to standard time and back,” according to the website.

While true noon can be set by the wearer, the home location has to be set by Ochs and Junior, and you can also customize the materials and look on their website.

Retail starts at CHF 14,850 and goes up with additional customizations.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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