Rimowa is best known for its sturdy high-end silver anodized aluminum luggage with grooves and rivets.

With an average price of just over one thousand dollars for its Original Cabin carry on luggage, Rimowa is coveted by those who want not just a premium brand name, but also an incredibly robust construction.

Watch collectors fit the type of demographic that travels a lot and does so with luxury luggage such as Louis Vuitton, Tumi, and Rimowa. So building a watch case — around the popularity of Rimowa’s stamped aluminum luggage — seems like a logical idea.

Rimowa Watch Case

Enter the limited edition Rimowa Watch Case.

Designed in Germany, the Rimowa Watch Case measures 10.51″ long x 4.41 ” wide x 3.35″ in height — and features the same rugged, stamped, grooved silver anodized aluminum that the German-based luggage maker is known for. Unlike the luggage, there are no rivets, and these are made in Italy as opposed to Germany, nevertheless — the aesthetic is unmistakably Rimowa.

Inside there are three removable padded cushions that fit inside three cut-outs. The cushions, and entire interior, including an additional top cushion layer, are made of a premium dark blue microfiber to prevent any scratching. The case smoothly glides open on either end to display or access your prized wristwatches.

Rimowa Watch Case top view

If you’re wondering why TAG Heuer and Zenith watches were chosen for the product shot (top), it’s because LVMH owns Rimowa, TAG Heuer, and Zenith.

The case weight is 2.84 lbs, which is incredibly heavy, but Rimowa knows that certain collectors will like not just the durability of such a case, but also the exclusivity of being hard to buy (considering this is being made in limited edition), and perhaps best of all: those gorgeous parallel aluminum grooves.

The Rimowa Watch Case (Ref. 50600001) will be available for pre-order starting November 10th, 2020 with a retail price of $2,050, and will arrive in select stores and online in December.

Learn more at Rimowa.

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