For the 2020 Academy Awards, which takes place tomorrow (February 9th) at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles — Rolex has once again designed the interior of the Greenroom, as they have since 2016. This year’s theme is polar exploration.

The backstage lounge area where A-list celebrity presenters will hang out during the Oscars has been built to look like an observation station — with specialized lighting that simulates sunrise, sunset, and the passage of time, according to Architectural Digest. A Rolex Explorer II is embedded in a table at the center of the Greenroom.

In 2017, Rolex ran a 60-second commercial paying homage to great acting legends past and present. This year, Rolex’s focus is on the preservation of the natural world in the face of climate change, as highlighted by their Perpetual Planet project in partnership with National Geographic.

Perhaps Sunday we’ll see a short film or commercial made by Rolex in collaboration with National Geographic.


Photo by Bart Michiels.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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