Rolex increased its retail prices on January 1, 2023 — which is reflected on

Rolex increases prices every year, so this is no surprise. However, it’s still a hot topic. Which models increased the most, and what was the average price increase? The average increase last year in the US was 3.4%, while some models saw double-digit increases.

This year, considering the economy, including the deflation of stock markets and crypto values, and the return of more normal pricing for the top resale watches, such as AP, Rolex, and Patek — it makes sense that Rolex chose even smaller price increases in 2023.

As one example, the Explorer II Ref. 226570, within Rolex’s Professional Watch collection — saw an increase in the US from $9,500 in 2022 to $9,650 in 2023 which represents just (a 1.6% increase). This is less than half the average percentage increase across Rolex’s entire collection last year.

Rolex Explorer II price 2022
Rolex Explorer II price 2022


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