Ressence has just debuted a self-setting mechanical watch called the Type 2 e-Crown Concept. This is similar to technology already being used in watches such as the Casio Gravitmaster GPW2000 but with a key difference being that Type 2 e-Crown is based on a mechanical watch movement, not quartz.

Basically, Ressence has added an additional e-Crown system to their existing design which couples a Swiss base movement with a custom ROCS module that displays the time via unique discs that rotate around the dial.

The system, developed by Ressence, allows the wearer to have the watch set itself via a Bluetooth connection to its smartphone app. The e-Crown requires electronic energy which is generated by kinetic movement (first) or photovoltaic energy (second) taken via 10 micro-shutters that open up on the dial when needed. The result, when combined with the automatic mechanical movement, is a watch that is not just self-setting but also self-powered.

The Type 2 E-Crown Concept comes with three different time setting options: full E-Crown mode, semi E-Crown mode, and manual. Full sets the watch to the second automatically, semi sets the watch to the minute, and the manual mode is set by you.

Next-generation ROCS modules were needed in order to make this need technology a reality. Most of the components are made of grade 5 titanium. The entire watch itself is produced from about 500 parts making it truly innovative as well as truly complicated.

The electro-mechanical technology assists in the setting of the watch which Ressence compares to the way an automated gearbox works in a car. And it can be switched off should you choose, allowing the mechanical watch to operate solely in mechanical mode.


The new modern design of the Type 2 e-Crown® Concept watch features discs mounted on jewel micro-ball bearings for a slimmer architecture and the gaps between the discs are reduced to 35 microns for a seamless design resulting in a very sleek watch compared to previous Ressence timepieces.

Tapping on the glass allows you to activate the e-Crown system, which is then controlled via your smartphone. The crown on the back allows you to manually set the watch, should you ever want or need to. Crucially, the e-Crown never interferes with the gear train from the barrel to the hands, so you can operate in self-setting mode or manual without losing the emotion of mechanical timekeeping.








Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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