Hard to confirm whether smartwatches are actually dominating the watch landscape, but what is impossible to deny, at least for this writer (who is based in New York City), is that the Apple Watch is the single most predominant time telling device I see on people’s wrists in the city nowadays.

And the progress and momentum of smartwatches only seem to be growing.

Then there are rumors that the next Apple Watch will have LTE, although considering that one of the sources is KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, I would say it is inevitable that we will be seeing LTE in the Series 3 Apple Watch, and as early as next month.

Steineck CL wrist camera at the Musée des Arts et Métiers

There is also a new smartwatch with a built-in camera, called the Arrow 360. While the wrist based camera did not catch on in mechanical watches, it likely will in smartwatches.

Finally, there is this report, which paints a not too pretty picture for businesses competing with smartwatches.

It is safe to say that at least one Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer, is not resting on their laurels, so to speak when it comes to competing amongst and against the impending rise of the smartwatch.

Furthermore, at a recent event, that included the launch of new smartwatch dials for all of the Major League Soccer teams, TAG Heuer representatives confirmed that sales of their Connected smartwatch are continuing to do very well, although no numbers were given to quantify just how well.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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