URWERK has just announced the UR-105M, a watch that uses four forged-aluminum satellites that slowly orbit the dial to indicate the time. It is available in two versions: the “Iron Knight” and the “Black Knight.” The first has a titanium case and steel bezel, and the second has a titanium case with black AITin-treated (aluminium titanium nitride) steel bezel. A darkened oversized crown at 12 o’clock controls the winding and time setting.

The time display consists of four forged-aluminum satellites that orbit around the center of the watch. Each satellite is visible as it makes its complete rotation every 60-minutes along the minute scale. The hour is shown in an opening at the bottom of the dial. A running seconds and power reserve indication is displayed laterally on the case band through sapphire apertures.

On the caseback is what URWERK calls the “control board” that shows additional displays: oil change indicator that alerts you to when it is time for service, 42-hour power reserve indicator and a timing regulation screw allowing to adjust the rate for maximum precision.

Martin Frei, URWERK’s co-founder and artistic director, explains: “The case of UR-105M was developed as an armor. The visible screws on the bezel not only bring a distinctive esthetic to the watch, but also tack the steel armor onto its titanium body. This shield protects the movement (the heart of the watch) from the outside world’s aggressions. For me, the parallel with the chivalrous imagery is obvious. You have the power of the bezel-armor generating a feeling of invincibility.”

Retail is $64,600 for the Iron Knight and $70,300 for the Black Knight.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.