Like every day, today we received a number of releases from watch brands we’ve never heard of. Typically, the message is something like “we are disruptive, successful on Kickstarter, are making watches more affordable for the masses.”

Verax is a brand we’ve never heard of, like those mentioned above, but their message at least caught our attention more than most. In fact, they claim to be the first Swiss luxury streetwear brand. “Authentic and uncompromising, Verax draws on urban culture to offer products in ultra-limited series designed by an anonymous collective and promoted via provocative and candid marketing,” according to the company’s press release.

With references to 420 and a visually bold marketing campaign, Verax is sure to make some noise, even in the ultra-crowded accessibly-priced segment of the watch market.

Verax Collection 420 wristshot

The new Verax 420-V01.01 comes in a “fire black” (black plated) 43 mm diameter stainless steel case with gold accents and more writing on the dial than a multi-line Tudor dive watch. Imprinted in the grained dark black dial are hour markers that have both the 12-hour scale and 24-hour scale. Accenting the black dial are printed white markings, white painted lume, and a white center seconds chrono hand with a squiggly line midway down the hand.

Verax Collection 420 side

Although not clarified in the release, the images show some sort of cover option that appears to be a way of hiding the time on demand, while still showing off the branding. Branding is everywhere on this, like a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage. Even the left case flank has been used as a billboard with the Verax logo prominently logo engraved on it, further blaring the marketing message. The screw-in caseback has a gold-plated finish with the Verax emblem and the limited edition number XXX/500 embossed on it. The water resistance is rated down to 100 meters.

Verax Collection 420 wristshot

While the price is rather high considering the chronograph caliber is a Ronda Z3 Swiss quartz, not a mechanical movement, and even the glass, a K1 crystal, is a low-cost option compared to a sapphire crystal — perhaps the streetwear aesthetic, loud marketing message, and limited quantity will attract consumers.

Verax Collection 420 caseback

The Verax 420 is delivered on a textile and rubber velcro strap emblazoned with “VERAX” on it, and with a strap end that’s been intentionally made to hang over quite a bit, along with a gold plated keeper engraved with “420” — all designed to make a statement (like the marketing campaign). Limited to 500 numbered pieces, the Verax 420-V01.01 retails for approximately $950.


Photos by Verax.

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