The other day I was searching for something to write about and randomly stumbled across this blog post about a Grand Seiko 6146-8000, which features two cool vintage ads, one from 1970, and the other from 1969. In addition to finding the ads, the author also interestingly pointed out that “cross-hair” dial versions of the Grand Seiko (which have 6146-8030TAD on the dial), tend to have a 93XXXX serial number, which means they are from 1969.

He also stated that a cross-hair dial 61GS is rarer than the standard dial, as evidenced by the lack of availability. Which has been true the many times I have searched the web for this model as well.

And while I do not think that the unique dial instantly makes the watch go up 500%+ over the regular version – which can easily happen with a rare Rolex dial – the dials are far more scarce and should make the value of the watch significantly higher than a comparable model with the more common dial.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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