Single-malt “scotch” whisky and watches go hand in hand. It is not to say everyone that collects fine wristwatches drinks, or drinks scotch whisky, but an inordinate amount of the watch collectors I have met do like good whisky.

Sometimes referred to as “liquid gold” single-malt whisky has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and like watch companies, scotch companies also make rare expensive editions that carry obscene price tags.

Needless to say, scotch and watches, pair very well together. Just ask Christopher Beccan, the Founder/Editor of Bexsonn, a blog entirely dedicated to fine whisky and timepieces.

So, it is not that surprising when we heard earlier this week that the Macallan distillery, based in Moray, Scotland, and modern Haute horology watchmaker, Urwerk, who is based in Geneva, Switzerland, have collaborated to produce a technically sophisticated two-chamber limited-edition whisky flask.

The Macallan x Urwerk Flask is machined from aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. Consisting of 156 parts, the flask has a number of intricate design features that make it like no other flask on the market.

First, the cap connecting arm has hidden 1mm “ball clickers” which click when completely open. The ball then snaps into a small recess and holds the cap open while pouring. Second, there are two titanium chambers that allow two different expressions to be carried at once. Third, a spring-loaded directional mouthpiece, crafted from stainless steel, switches between the two tanks. Fourth, there are special winglets (flaps) on the exterior of the flask that when deployed create a stand for the flask. Last, there is a cask-type wheel and a whisky age wheel that display the age and wood type to ensure you remember which whisky is inside each chamber.

The cost of the Flask by Macallan x Urwerk is $2500 and will be produced in a limited edition of up to 500 pieces, and is available to purchase at Macallan.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.