Short films created to promote branding are nothing novel, however, in the world of watches, companies tend to focus on sales, over emotion. Despite “passion” being cited almost universally by watchmakers — too few actually market with passion.

Watches of Switzerland is different in this way, and since the start of their expansion into the US watch market in 2018, they’ve designed advertising campaigns with branding and consumers’ feelings in mind, as opposed to being solely driven by turnover. Accordingly, the premise of their latest campaign — underscored by the pandemic that’s kept us confined for months — is that you can enjoy a timepiece Anywhere.Anytime.

Watches of Switzerland 'Anytime.Anywhere.' Film Behind the Scenes

Not everything is measurable, and sales can of course happen after a consumer sees a flashy Instagram post or a repetitive programmatic ad. In the long term, however, people retain memories of how something makes them feel, which makes each watch purchase more than merely a transaction. Do you remember your first watch or a watch that someone gifted to you? Watches not only mark life’s most important events — they also become an intrinsic part of the journey along the way.

Watches of Switzerland 'Anytime.Anywhere.' Film Behind the Scenes

Even with the rise of hype watches — that become more valuable the second they leave the authorized dealer, and that can be classified as investable commodities — consumers still inherently buy timepieces based on emotions. Whether it’s a graduation gift, a present to your significant other, an award for an important achievement, or a lifetime milestone — there’s no other gift quite like a timepiece.

Watches of Switzerland Anytime.Anywhere. Film Behind the Scenes Photography

“Watches of Switzerland has always been dedicated to pioneering the concept of watch retail. For us that includes engaging with the client in new and inspiring ways,” says David Hurley, Executive Vice President of The Watches of Switzerland Group. He continues, “Anytime. Anywhere. is the embodiment of this spirit and beautifully captures that indescribable feeling of owning a fine timepiece while living an uninhibited life. This is also a powerful vehicle for us to connect with a new group of watch lovers and show them how we do things differently.”

Watches of Switzerland 'Anytime.Anywhere.' Film and Behind the Scenes Photography

Throughout the short film, you’ll see watches from Omega, Breitling, Cartier, MB&F, TAG Heuer, Ulysse Nardin, Analog Shift, and Grand Seiko. The watches were paired with nine talented leaders in their respective fields, from a renowned dancer to an award-winning NASA Engineer to a lauded architect to one of the world’s top big wave surfers. Backdrops vary from desert to mountain to city to beach and in total — despite the short three-minute runtime — the film was shot across eight locations.

Watches of Switzerland ‘Anytime.Anywhere.’ Film and Behind the Scenes

Watches of Switzerland ‘Anytime.Anywhere.’ Film and Behind the Scenes

Watches of Switzerland 'Anytime.Anywhere.' Film Behind the Scenes

There are few better ways to capture life’s experiences and emotions — with a timepiece on the wrist — than through film and photography. And so, without further ado, in partnership with Creative Director and Photographer, Jay Gullion — Watches of Switzerland presents AnyTime.Anywhere.

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