California-based watch brand Xetum now offers stainless steel bracelets for their entire collection. If you are buying a new Xetum timepiece, there is no additional charge. If you already have a Xetum timepiece and want the new bracelet, it will cost $120.

The new bracelet features a modern five-link brushed and polished design. The bracelet, like the leather strap, is integrated directly into the exact same case that is used for all Xetum watch models. Dimensionally though, there is a difference, the bracelet is 20 mm wide with (no tapering). The leather strap is 20 mm wide where it connects to the case, but it is a (tapered) design. It may seem like a minute detail, but if you look at the image (top), you can see the new dimensions give the watch an entirely different look.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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