The Tissot Sideral S is a modern interpretation of the original Tissot Sideral, which was first released in 1971.

The new Sideral S retains the same distinctive look and feel of the original, but it’s updated with a contemporary forged carbon and stainless steel case and is powered by a modern ETA movement.

Like the original, the 2023 Sideral S has a cushion-shaped case. However, instead of being made of fiberglass, the watch features a unique construction with a 316L stainless steel inner case, crown, bezel, and caseback — coupled with a lightweight and distinctive marbled forged carbon outer case.

Tissot Sideral S layflat

Measuring 41 mm x 14.4 mm and 46.5 mm (lug-to-lug), and weighing 90 grams with the integrated strap, the Sideral S case has a domed sapphire crystal protecting the dial and is water-resistant to a depth of 300 meters. A reliable Swatch Group/ETA-sourced Powermatic 80 automatic, is visible through the clear caseback. The movement drives the hours, minutes, center seconds, and date wheel, and has a long 80-hour power reserve.

Tissot Sideral S dial close-up

Similar to the original, the dial has two sets of subsequent five-minute markings, in green and red, respectively, printed on the innermost ring, to be used for timing the start of regattas. The original count-up rotating dive bezel has been retained, however, Tissot added two subsequent five-minute markings to the bezel, presumably as an additional way to time regatta starts.

Tissot Sideral S lumeshot

Each watch comes with a unique tapered and perforated rubber strap that uses rubber in place of a buckle, and that can be removed without a tool thanks to quick-release bars. This design is presumably very comfortable and could be used while typing on a laptop without scratching the laptop.

Tissot Sideral S side

The dial has printed hour markers, but they’re rather hard to see within the colored chapter ring, and because they’re surrounded by a scale that focuses on minutes and seconds, and reads 0-60, instead of numbering the hours. However, in spite of the atypical design, at night, everything on the dial, except the center seconds hand, has been lumed, in different colors, making it incredibly legible in dark conditions.

Available in three color schemes, blue, red, or yellow, the Sideral S retails for $995.


Photos by Tissot.

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