Apple Watch Ultra is the largest, most rugged, and most advanced Apple Watch yet.

Presented in a 49 mm ultra-light titanium with 36 hours of normal use or a 60-hour battery when in low power mode, built-in cellular, 2 speakers that enhance the sound even when noisy outdoor conditions, 3 microphones designed to be heard in extreme weather, and a digital large crown (with a crown guard), that can be operated even with gloves on.

Apple Watch Ultra Digital Crown

Naturally, the largest case has the largest display yet, not to mention the brightest, which ensures visibility even in ultra-bright lighting conditions. Conversely, there’s a new night mode that switches to infrared for optimal nighttime visibility.

Apple Watch Ultra is water resistant to 100 meters and features a depth gauge and dive computer, and an advanced new Oceanic Plus app for recreational scuba divers and free divers. Can show decompression limits, dive logs, and more.

Apple Watch Ultra front

Additional features include an advanced wayfinder compass, a built-in 86-decibel emergency siren, enhanced running functionality, a new action button to activate specific functionality on the fly, and all-new ultra-durable Apple-designed straps called design for Alpine, Trail, and Ocean environments.

Apple Watch Ultra Action Button

A flat sapphire crystal that’s set below the plane of the bezel (armored) is one new design element that greatly enhances durability. The Apple Watch Ultra is tested to MIL-STD 810H, is capable of operating in temperatures from -4 Fahrenheit to 131 Fahrenheit — and is undoubtedly the most durable Apple Watch yet.

All models of Apple Watch Ultra will cost $799 and will be available starting September 23, 2022.


Photos by Apple.

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