Following Autodromo’s Group B Series watch last year, the company launched the Series 2 at the 2018 Windup Watch Fair, in Chelsea earlier this month.

For this new iteration, the Group B Series 2, there are three dial options, and a new steel case, with some of the components made in titanium. The total weight is a mere 52 grams, which I tried in person and can say it’s featherlight and has a vintage feel. It’s a little small for my wrist which is currently 7″ in diameter but for those with smaller wrists and a preference for conservatively sized watches you will likely love the proportions. The case is machined from stainless steel, has a dark-colored plating, and measures 39.5 mm x 9.9 mm x 50 mm. The bracelet is 23 mm at the lugs tapered down to 18 mm at the clasp. The Group B Series 2 features a sapphire crystal and is water-resistant to 50 meters.

Autodromo Group B Series 2
White markers with black dial, Night Stage II special edition, Orange markers with black dial

A basic Miyota 9015 movement made in Japan drives the time only watch. The dial features a display that’s reminiscent of the needles from automotive gauges. Of the three versions, White markers with black dial, Night Stage II special edition, Orange markers with black dial, by far the Night Stage II is my favorite. The intersecting lines on the dial and the green/white/orange black color scheme are super attractive.

Autodromo Group B Series 2
Autodromo Group B Series 2

The matte bracelet (which can be replaced with a strap), Royal Oak-esque look, and especially the Night Stage II dial, are very well done. Not to mention, the sub $1K price point makes the watch all the more appealing. Retail is $975 during the pre-order phase.

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