Skeleton Concept — one of the many Rolex customizers on the market — has created an aftermarket skeletonized Rolex GMT Master II.

Taking the personal Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN from French soccer star Blaise Matuidi (who currently lives and plays in Miami), the company took the popular GMT watch as the base for the customized timepiece.

Forty of the discontinued Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 116710LN timepieces — which was the first GMT-Master to receive a Cerachrom bezel — have been sourced by Skeleton Concept to be customized and you can pre-order now.

Blaise Matuidi Concept Rolex GMT Master II

Keeping with the factory black and green color scheme, each watch will come with an oscillating weight that’s been reshaped, and colored in a special matte green hue as a nod to the grass on a soccer field.

The black dial has been replaced with a matching green openworked dial, with new smaller indices. A Skeleton Concept logo has been laser printed in white on the sapphire glass above the dial. Matuidi’s #14 has been emphasized with a special green number on the customized sapphire crystal date disc, which has also been made luminous. A gear train bridge on the dial side has been skeletonized and given the matte green treatment seen on the rotor, date wheel, and chapter ring.

Blaise Matuidi Concept Rolex GMT Master II

While the case and bracelet retain their factory dimensions, they’ve been given a full matte surface treatment — instead of alternating polished and matte surfaces. The ceramic bezel remains the same as it came from the factory, as do the hands — including the stock, green 24-hour GMT hand.

Learn more at Skeleton Concept.

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