In 2011, Breitling opened its first boutique, which Professional Watches photographed in 2013, followed by a larger, relocated boutique in 2016.

After many new and redesigned Breitling boutiques around the world have received the Georges Kern-influenced loft-style redesign (which began after he took over Breitling in 2017). Last week, the New York flagship’s all-new 2021 retrofit was unveiled. In attendance was CEO Georges Kern, and friends of the brand such as Charlize Theron, Boomer Esiason, Misty Copeland, Ben Hoffman, Amanda Balionis, Erich Harland, Scott Kelly, Gary Woodland.

2021 Breitling NYC boutique interior

The redesigned space features two stories, 90 feet of wrap-around sidewalk frontage (at 57th and Madison, on Billionaire’s Row), and a total of 4,300 square feet of space to showcase the entire breadth of the collection, as well as the brand’s first store offering the new Breitling Equipment collection, featuring travel-and-lifestyle accessories such as hats, bags, jackets, and hoodies.

2021 Breitling NYC boutique interior first floor lounge

The look of each store varies based on space and location, and the industrial-loft aesthetic visually connects the different stores together globally. The brand’s three “universes”, air, sea, and land (the environments for which Breitling’s watch families were developed), are reflected in the decor, which includes aircraft-inspired elements, surfboards, and vintage motorcycles.

2021 Breitling Madison Avenue VIP lounge

There are watch bars and lounge areas designed to let collectors and enthusiasts enjoy their prior purchases and decide on new ones, including a slick VIP lounge that appears to float above the main level — with wrap-around city views, just above the street level.


Breitling Boutique

575 Madison Ave

New York, NY 10022



Photos by Breitling.

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