German brand, BUBEN&ZORWEG, produces bespoke and limited edition ultra-luxurious wristwatch and jewelry safes, humidors, watch winders – and pieces that include all of the above. The Grande Infinity is their new watch safe that includes 20 watch winders in the upper showcase, and 12 winders in the lower safe area, and most notably, a proprietary pendulum clock.

The Alpha 01, a one second pendulum clock, was produced in collaboration with clockmaker Erwin Settler, and features a 31 day power reserve, a carbon fiber pendulum rod and visible Graham dead-beat escapement.

According to the company, “To house the new creation the manufactury produced the Grande Infinity, a tall modern masterpiece with a curved design and a central transparent door that provides a clear view of the slow, precise and rhythmic measurement of time performed by the Alpha 01.

Complete with a modern internal LED lighting system, the Grande Infinity is much more than meets the eye and will perform quite a show on demand. With a touch of a button two previously hidden lateral doors will automatically open, revealing a set of 20 TIME MOVERS® through a “Swing & Hide Mechanism”. Precious wristwatches can therefore be safely protected and simultaneously displayed.

But the Grande Infinity has another surprise to reveal. Hidden in the lower part of the masterpiece is a high-security VDS Class I safe that allows for an additional level of safekeeping. Inside, a set of TIME MOVERS® guarantee that automatic wristwatches will keep measuring time without interruption, even when they are safely stored inside this vault.”

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Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.