Based on our research, there is nothing confirming it to be a scam, however, due to highly questionable marketing practices, numerous testimonials from purported subscribers, videos, and additional research, we did come to a definitive conclusion.

Frankly, the watches are low quality, the marketing is hyperbolic at best, and false advertising at worst.

We’ve explored Reddit threads and can see very carefully prepared counter-responses from the Watch Gang team at numerous points, allowing them to taper any negative responses. And don’t take our word for it, go check out one of the threads for yourself HERE.

Numerous unsubstantiated claims by Watch Gang
Numerous unsubstantiated claims by Watch Gang

Additionally, we’ve watched videos, and searched the web, and generally speaking there is nothing saying that this is a good deal. In fact, our analysis points to the exact opposite.

The watches are of very low value, despite the message that Watch Gang repeats over and over across the web. They say that the watches are of higher value than the cost of the service, which may be true in their eyes, however, we’re telling you they’re not. The watches can be found for next to nothing if you search online. Think about it, how else would they make a profit?

And while profit is not a bad word, this is just such a bad idea from the consumer perspective.

One of many of Watch Gang's hyperbolic advertising messages
One of many of Watch Gang’s hyperbolic advertising messages

To be fair, we did reach out to Watch Gang for comment, with the email below:

“Do you have anything substantiating claims such as ‘#1 Men’s Club in the USA,’ ‘World’s #1 Watch Club,’ ‘#1 Box Club for Men,’ ‘The World’s Best Watch Club’?”

As expected, we did not receive a response. How do you reply when you have nothing backing these claims? You really cannot.

Stay away. This is a waste of money. You’re actually better off locating the watch you want and then price-shopping it online. Then you get exactly what you want.

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