Rolex Submariner 5510, caliber 1530, 1958, 60,000CHF-80,000CHF, considered the rarest of the Big Crowns as it was only produced for one year and there are believe to have only been 300-600 ever made Lot 114

The much anticipated Phillips “Geneva Watch Auction: One” takes place this Sunday. And for this article, we selected four of the most uncommon Rolexes from the upcoming sale – excluding the Daytonas – which we already know can exceed a million Swiss francs.

Here is the list: 1- 6452 GMT-Master with Bakelite bezel, 2- Submariner 5510 Big Crown, 3- Submariner 5513 with Explorer underline dial 4- 6541 Milgauss with honeycomb dial and “lightning bolt” hand.

In total, these four Rolexes are expected to fetch between 340,000 CHF to 610,000 CHF. That’s a huge range, but considering the auctioneer is Aurel Bacs – the sky’s the limit.

Rolex Milgauss 6541, caliber 1066, 1958, 150,000CHF to 300,000CHF, it has honeycomb dial with a tropical brown color, circular hour markers and faceted triangular hour markers at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, a red triangle at 12 and very rare “lightning bolt” seconds hand, Lot 189

Rolex Submariner 5513 with rare Explorer “three-six-nine-dials” and with underline below Rolex Oyster Perpetual,” caliber 1530, 1964, 80,000CHF to 150,000CHF, Lot 116

Rolex GMT-Master 6541 with the rare bakelite bezel, caliber 1066, 1959, 50,000CHF to 80,000CHF, Lot 77

Final Results:
Lot 114 – SOLD for 87,000CHF
Lot 116 – SOLD FOR 137,000 CHF
Lot 189 – SOLD FOR 245,000 CHF

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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