At the request of a celebrity agent who was in search of a unique piece for their client, a US-based pop star, Grieb & Benzinger has created an amazing one-of-a-kind skeleton timepiece – the Blossom Black Tulip.

Grieb & Benzinger’s skeletonized timepieces require much of the work to be done by hand, with no more than 100 pieces produced per year, making them very rare. According to Grieb & Benzinger, the Blossom is the only skeletonized watch in the world that is fully skeletonized, engraved by hand and features guilloché work.

The Blossom Black Tulip comes in a 43 mm diameter 18k red gold case with a guilloché bezel and a black-colored skeletonized movement, even the otherwise red ruby jewel bearings have been blackened. Crown, hour, minutes and seconds hands in rose gold. The retail price is $45,675.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.