This is a video demonstration of how to properly clean a modern water-resistant wristwatch in 2-minutes.

Water resistance is required, and we suggest at least 30 meters, and you should be confident your watch gaskets/seals are new or intact prior to putting any water on it, as well as pushing in or screwing down your crown.

If you have a watch with less than a 30-meter water-resistance rating, a watch that’s very old or vintage, or a watch that you know does not have intact seals. STOP. Your watch cleaning procedures should not include water or should go through a watchmaker.

You’ll need a low-pressure sink with running water, a soft toothbrush, dish soap or anti-bacterial soap (the latter if you want to medically disinfect the watch), soft cloth such as a clean or brand new microfiber towel, or a nice paper towel such as Viva Signature Cloth (the latter which ensures a brand new towel with no dirt already on it), a low-pressure air blower such as a photography dust blower (optional), pointed or regular Q-tips (optional).

The above is all you need to give your watch a good clean. And it only takes a few minutes once you prepare all these items. We recommend repeating the process 2-3 times for the best results.

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