Early this week MB&F debuted a new Legacy Machine with a fully integrated perpetual calendar. Developed for MB&F by Irish watchmaker, Stephen McDonnell, the movement features a 14 mm dial-side balance wheel, like the other Legacy Machines, which offers a perfect central view as it oscillates to-and-fro. Unique to this LM model is a perpetual calendar that does a few things different than a traditional perpetual.

According to MB&F, “The default month has gone from 31 days to 28, and the central “grand levier” has been replaced by an innovative, patent-pending “mechanical processor” – solving a very frustrating issue with conventional calendars: they break easily due to faulty manipulations. This new Legacy Machine is fool-proof! Just as important, we’ve traded the standard “sandwich” construction – base movement + calendar module + display – for a spectacular, fully integrated architecture, offering an unprecedented view into the 581-component mechanism.”

The MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual runs at 2.5Hz (18,00 vph), is manually wound, and features double mainsprings good for a 72-hour power reserve. Finishing includes bevelled and polished component edges, Geneva waves, and hand engravings. Production is limited to 25 red gold and 25 platinum editions.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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