It’s likely no surprise to watch enthusiasts that John Mayer has a serious collection of watches — estimated to be valued in the tens of millions.

His watches have been discussed on Hodinkee’s “Talking Watches” YouTube series twice now, with views of each video in the millions. Even so, not every timepiece is covered in any one segment, and he continues to grow his collection, so like many of those obsessed with watches — with the means and access to acquire almost anything — the breadth of his collection, will likely always be a mystery. Nevertheless, Hypebeast took a stab at it uncovering what exact wristwatches John Mayer owns in the form of an informative YouTube video showing many of his highly desirable (and valuable) Rolexes, Audemars Piguets, Patek Philippes, and even Casios.

John Mayer’s love of watches is not much of a secret these days, but did you know these two other facts related to Mayer and watch collecting? He’s a part owner of watch enthusiast publication and shop Hodinkee. And even before becoming an investor in Hodinkee, as someone who has loved watches from a young age combined with his worldwide fame, he had become a watch tastemaker and even has a Rolex model nicknamed after him. The yellow gold, green dial Daytona Ref. 116508 which retails for $37,500 and is still in Rolex’s current product catalog, is also known as the “John Mayer Daytona.”

John Mayer with Patek Philippe Aquanaut on the wrist


Screenshots from John Mayer’s YouTube and Instagram pages.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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