You read that right. Swatch has again changed the terms of buying their hyped MoonSwatch.

The MoonSwatch availability has indeed been reduced further.

At launch, after all of the Swatch stores worldwide were inundated with huge lines of people queuing for a chance to purchase one of the $260 Swatch x Omega branded MoonSwatches, the company first reduced the 2 watches per person limited to 1.

At that time, Swatch had officially announced (and assured everyone) that the MoonSwatch would go on sale online at at a later date. However, that quickly changed, and while Swatch never officially announced, or confirmed that the MoonSwatch will not be sold online, they clearly changed their stance unofficially and have given ambiguous answers to any inquiries from Professional Watches regarding the sale of MoonSwatches online.

Nevertheless, based on our research they’ve been telling consumers they have to buy in stores (please see a screenshot that was sent in by a reader from outside of the US).

Now, with the latest change of strategy (at least publicly), Swatch has reduced the number of brick and mortar stores that will carry the MoonSwatch, effectively restricting the supply to only larger key markets, and leaving out smaller markets. This of course will make it even harder to acquire a MoonSwatch at retail.

For those who wanted to buy a MoonSwatch online, and that have realized that is not likely happening anytime soon, if ever. They might have been able to travel to the nearest store, even in smaller markets, and actually, you know, buy the MoonSwatch — but not anymore.


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