Swatch has still not released the MoonSwatch for sale online.

We’ve been in touch with Swatch in the US and Switzerland and they did initially tell Professional Watches the MoonSwatch would be online (both via a press release and then over the phone). At first, the online availability date was supposed to be March 28th (the Monday following the official March 26, 2022 release at the stores) but that date has since changed one or more times and has ultimately become TBD at a later date.

This is after Swatch initially told everyone they could buy up to two MoonSwatches in person, which was quickly cut back to one following the chaos that ensued at the store level, including a reported stabbing.

All of this said, the MoonSwatch was still supposed to be available for purchase online at some point, however, we’ve now seen unofficially confirmed reports that Swatch has decided the MoonSwatch will not be sold online at all. With no official statement being made, all we can go on is that unconfirmed reports and Swatch’s actions that suggest the company’s stance is to keep selling only at the store level, as opposed to fulfilling any online orders.

Hopefully, this will change because the general sentiment we’ve heard in speaking with consumers is that they feel deceived — especially those that have made long treks to Swatch stores only to find no inventory — and would at minimum like Swatch to make an official statement about what’s happening with the MoonSwatch.


Photo by Swatch.

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