Today, Breitling quietly debuted two new precious metal versions of the 40.9 mm limited edition Navitimer 1959 that was launched last year in stainless steel.

Breitling realizes the Navitimer 1959 Edition based on the original Ref. 806 design is one of their “most iconic” and “most coveted” timepieces and therefore has high consumer appeal, and accordingly it remains available only in limited editions, at least for now.

In platinum, the price is more than four times that of last year’s steel Navitimer 1959 at $8,600 versus $39,900. This is a huge premium regardless of the fact that platinum denser and costs more to produce. Also, you’ve got to consider that as of today gold is actually trading much higher at $1,548 per ounce, whereas platinum is trading at only $986 per ounce. An 18K red gold 159-piece limited edition is also available for $22,850.

The reference 806 Navitimers are no doubt well-proportioned and attractive — and these are very faithful recreations with regards to the case. Moreover, the dials maintain the desirable old-school styling as well. Perhaps these limited editions are forerunners to future production Navitimers with similar designs and more accessible price points.

The Navitimer 1959 Edition is available. (Ref. LB0910211C1P1 – platinum/RB0910371B1X1 – red gold)

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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