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Oakley Elite Full Metal Jacket Watch

Oakley has long been a leader in eyewear, with patents to the best optical technologies in the world. How that translates into being able to produce a titanium watch that costs nine grand is beyond me. Yes, the CNC machined impact forged titanium case and bracelet are impressive. As is the ability to use a release lever on the left flank of the case to remove the watch so it can be used in the included pocket watch case. But does this justify a nine thousand dollar price tag? No.

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Sneak Peek: Oakley 12-Gauge

I took this photo outside the Oakley booth at Baselworld 2009. It is an all new collection called the "12-Gauge." It comes in a black PVD steel case and features a chronograph, on a rubber strap and black buckle.

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Oakley Judge Stealth Black

Oakley Another cool Oakley watch that is a bit overpriced at $650. The stealth black agressive look with stopwatch functionality is nice. The difference between an ordinary stopwatch and a true chronograph is the precision of 10-jewel Swiss Movement. This intuitive design features a sub dial for logging minutes and hours, plus a sweeping second hand that accelerates to the current moment when pause is released. Surgical stainless steel forms the durable case.

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Oakley Blade Watch

This is the Oakley Blade. These watches use the same pure sapphire crystals used in most high-end watches and they are enhanced with an anti-reflective coating. Oakley says it takes more than 16 million pounds of force to hammer high-grade stainless steel into submission. A 300-ton hydraulic ram blasts an ingot 27 times to create the blade design.

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