This week Timex will release a new Pac-Man themed digital quartz wristwatch presented in a 1980s throwback T80 case.

The Timex Pac-Man T80 wristwatch harkens back to the arcade days before in-home consoles took over. To the days of blue back-lit watch faces. Surrounding the old school digital screen is a black frame printed with Namco’s famous yellow Pac-Man figure — with his mouth open eating dots as the four different colors of ghosts are in pursuit — just like in the game.

Pac-Man T80 Timex black PVD front

Pac-Man is one of the most popular video games of all time and so Timex is clearly appealing to the nostalgia. Not to mention, the fact that Timex also became quite well-known around this same time frame for affordable mass-produced digital battery-powered quartz watch models.

Feature-wise the watch has a stopwatch, date display, Indiglo backlight, and an alarm with the Pac-Man melody.

2020 Timex x Pacman T80 all references

Available in the steel, gold-tone, and black PVD finishes the square-shaped stainless steel watch case measures 34 mm across and features an integrated steel bracelet that’s 18 mm wide at the lugs. Water-resistance is 30 meters. (Ref. TW2U32000, TW2U31900, TW2U32100)

The Pac-Man T80 Timex goes on sale starting July 7, 2020, for $79.

Timex x Pacman T80 gold tone laying on side

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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