Beginning with the original G-Shock, the DW-5000C, which was released in 1983, followed by the Full Metal 5000 Series in 2018, this year Casio introduced its most advanced square-shaped timepiece yet.

While the original G-Shock DW-5000C was produced in a lightweight resin case, the Full Metal 5000 Series that arrived in 2018 was the first of the square-shaped G-Shocks to receive a metal case. The 5000 Series is still in the current G-Shock catalog, available in a robust yet hefty stainless steel case. With the debut of the new MR-G MRGB5000 series, G-Shock adds a premium lightweight titanium option to the high-end MR-G line of wristwatches.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 angled

The MR-G line is the company’s flagship collection, made in Japan, in limited quantities. Like Toyota and Lexus, G-Shock and MR-G have a lot of similarities — and just like Lexus receives a step up in quality and finishing over Toyota, so does the MR-G brand over G-Shock.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B wristshot

Within the US, the new MRGB5000 series will be available in both a titanium carbide-treated titanium case and bracelet, and a titanium case and bracelet treated with a diamond-like carbon coating (shown).

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 cover

The case and bezel are made of a Ti64 super-hard titanium alloy that’s 2x harder than pure titanium. The bracelet is made of another type of titanium alloy called DAT55G which is 3x times harder than pure titanium. The top of the bezel is crafted from COBARION®, a cobalt-chrome alloy that’s 4x harder than pure titanium.

MRG-B5000B-1 Exploded Case Bezel

Instead of the more basic G-Shock Full Metal 5000 Series case design, the MR-G bezel and middle case have a complex construction and are manufactured using 25 total components versus just a few. Plus each piece of the bezel and case is individually polished — enhancing the detail and texture compared to the Full Metal.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B wristshot

In the center of the case is what Casio calls a “state-of-the-art Multi-Guard Structure” that incorporates flat springs and silicone buffers to the multi-component bezel, ensuring outstanding shock absorption to protect the dedicated MR-G module.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 side view

A flat sapphire crystal that’s prominently armored by the bezel, which sits at least a few millimeters above the plane of the crystal thus protecting most objects from contacting the glass and shattering it. An intricate gold-plated MR-G emblem embossed screw-in caseback and gasket secure the back of the water (for the titanium carbide coated titanium model the caseback is black). The MR-G MRGB5000B depth rating is 200 meters, which is the same as the standard Full Metal 5000 Series, and just as appreciated just as the extreme shock resistance and durability — and what you expect whether it’s a G-Shock or a MR-G timepiece.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B clasp

The screw-in caseback is gold-plated and embossed with the large MR-G emblem in the center. The four recessed push buttons, which control all functions, have also been gold plated. The applied shield that reads “SHOCK RESIST” on the upper left section of the dial and the MR-G logo on the lower-left section of the dial has been gold plated as well. All of the fonts printed on the inside and outside the red line that surrounds the dial feature matching gilt paint. The screws securing the bracelet to the case are gold-plated. Finally, on the clasp, the sliding lock mechanism is gold-plated.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 pusher detail

In addition to the understated gold highlights placed all over the MRG-B5000, the alternating mixture of hairline (brushed) and mirror (polished) surfaces of the black diamond-like carbon surface looks fantastic. This is an area where the higher level MR-G finishing techniques outshine the more accessibly priced Full Metal 5000 Series. Moreover, in spite of having almost identical measurements to the G-Shock Full Metal 5000 Series (43.25 mm x 13.25 mm) — another area of the MR-G that stands out is the significant weight difference considering the MR-G B5000 Series is almost 60 grams lighter than its steel counterparts.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 hands-on

This is a purely digital watch display and is powered by a highly accurate battery-powered Japanese quartz movement module 3501, that’s charged through the sunlight that enters the dial (Tough Solar). When connected to the new official Casio Watches app, the watch is calibrated by Bluetooth time signals from your Android or Apple mobile phone. If for some reason the Bluetooth is not able to transmit, the watch reverts to Multi-Band time calibration via the closest of the 6 atomic antennas located around the world. If that does not work, the time can also be manually set, although, as an example, even if it cannot reconnect to a Bluetooth or Atomic signal, the movement will still tell time precisely to -/+ 15 seconds per month.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B-1 lumeshot

Being Casio’s flagship watch line, the MR-G MRGB5000B-1 comes with all the high-end functionality you would expect from G-Shock, such as Mobile Link calibration (Bluetooth), radio-controlled (Multi-Band 6) calibration, and light powered battery recharging (Tough Solar). Along with the typical assortment of functions such as a 1/100th of a second stopwatch, a countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, 5 world times selected from 39 cities (which in total can display 300 world time cities), and full backlight LED (Super Illuminator) with selectable illuminations of 2 or 4 seconds. Additionally, the watch has a phone finder, a low battery warning, and a power-saving mode where the display goes blank to save power when the watch is left in the dark.

2022 MR-G Black Titanium MRGB5000B clasp


From the lightweight titanium Ti64 alloy used for the bezel and case to the cobalt-chrome alloy used for the top of the bezel to the DAT55G titanium alloy bracelet — G-Shock has delivered exotic materials that clearly qualify it as one of its flagship MR-G timepieces.

The integrated bracelet is ultra-lightweight, incredibly well-designed, and feels excellent on the wrist. For a more customized fit, there are standard 4 micro-adjustments (require a tool), screws that attach the bracelet to the case, and dual push buttons on the clasp. The gold-plated slide lock you see on the claps operates very smoothly and is such an attractive detail, however, the two push buttons can pop open with minimal pressure, which makes me wonder why have both if the lock is what really secures the clasp.

The black titanium carbide coating looks excellent and should provide additional scratch protection, however, with titanium, not stainless steel underneath, the impact protection may be less. For $500 less, the natural titanium option might be a better option, depending on personal taste.

For a lofty price, you get the most advanced version of the original G-Shock DW-5000C that’s even been created, and it even has the iconic brick pattern and red line as a nod to the original design. The original Casio square did not calibrate the time automatically using Bluetooth or Atomic timekeeping, nor was it solar, or metallic, let alone titanium (which is more expensive and harder to work with than stainless steel), but the cost of the original DW-5000C also came nowhere even close to this MR-G timepiece. Even compared to the Full Metal 5000 Series, the MR-G price is really high at approximately 3X to 5X more, but at least the production numbers will be low and you will own the latest and most exclusive square G-Shock Casio produces — outside of a solid gold model.

The MR-G MRG-B5000B-1 with black DLC coating with retail next month in the US for $4,000 and the titanium carbide coated version MRG-B5000D-1 will retail for $3,500.

Learn more at G-Shock.

View the MRGB5000B-1 operating guides here.



G-Shock MR-G MRGB5000B

Reference: MRGB5000B-1

Year: 2022

Total Weight: 113 grams

Case Diameter: 43.25 mm (with hinges)/40 mm (without hinges)

Case Thickness: 13.25 mm

Lug-to-lug: 49.75 mm

Lug Width: 25 mm/18 mm (clasp 20 mm)

Crown Diameter: No crown

Glass: Sapphire (armored)

Movement: Module 3501

Depth Rating: 200 meters

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