After another year where the demand far outstripped the supply for Rolex wristwatches – particularly the stainless steel models – the prices have been raised a modest 3-6% (approximately) in the United States (and similarly in other markets), to start the new decade.

Despite Rolex producing the most mechanical watches of any watchmaker for many years (approximately 1 million units per year as of 2019), the past few years have seen far too few stainless steel sports models delivered to authorized dealers relative to how many customers are in the market to purchase them. The GMT-Master II, Submariner, Daytona, and Sky-Dweller are all trading significantly above retail on the secondary market. (Authorized dealers cannot sell above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.)

Even with the price increases, and with perhaps marginally diminished premiums on the secondary market due to market factors, unfortunately, we still don’t expect these coveted sports models to be significantly easier to acquire any time soon. On the flip side, for owners, generally speaking, the legendary value retention of a Rolex should remain at an all-time high.

Editor’s note: Rolex USA has confirmed there was a price increase but not the percentage of increase.

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