Nixie tubes were one of the first types of digital displays. Unlike U.S. tubes, Russian (Soviet) military tubes were made up until 1980 and use cold cathode tubes filled with neon gas with a wire mesh anode and a set of very intricate cathodes in the shape each of the numerals to be displayed. Due to their high cost, high voltage requirements and delicate construction — Nixie tubes were eventually replaced by newer technology. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, these tubes became available on the surplus market.

Even with all of the advances is digital display technology, the only way to replicate the original Nixie tube’s alluring soft orange glow, is with original Nixie tubes.

Today, ColdWarCreations combines Cold War era Russian military tubes, with current electronics, inside hand cut and polished Simax glass cases. The result, is a very attractive retro style desktop clock that displays the time, date and temperature.

Retail $245 (currently sold out, but more are in production)

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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