A design company, named CW&T, has created an intriguing 24-hour clock that you customize according to how you want to spend your day.

The CW&T Superlocal Clock, described by the Brooklyn-based design company as “A timepiece that’s really meant for you to get more of a spatial sense about how you go about your day,” is currently on Kickstarter and has already quadrupled the goal (Pledged: $24,353/ Goal: $6,000), thanks to 128 backers, with 26 days still remaining, meaning it will likely 5X or 10X the initial target investment amount.

“CW&T is the art and design practice of Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy. We concept, design, and manufacture what we want to see in our world. Our work is thoughtfully made, carefully considered, and overly engineered to do what they do and do it well—often for multiple generations. We hope to share pieces of our world with you,” according to the company’s bio page.

The clock features a simple quartz-regulated battery-powered analog design, with a single hand that rotates around the dial once every 24-hours. What makes this different than every clock you’ve ever seen is that there are 48 dimples (each representing half an hour) around the dial which can be filled in with one of 12 white magnetic spheres, that you can move around to represent specific times of your day that are important to you.

Speaking factually, and perhaps philosophically, Levy states, “It’s a clock that revolves around your life as opposed to making your life revolve around a clock.” You can set your own “local noon,” said Wang.

Whether it’s a novel concept, a pragmatic clock that will help you improve your daily routine, or a fun gift — the campaign is already fully funded, so unless something hampers production, deliveries are set to begin January 2022.

The Superlocal Clock retails for approximately $170.

Learn more at Kickstarter.


Photo by CW&T.

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