This is the world’s biggest watch collection, worth 1 billion euros, according to The Urban Gentry.

In this video, Tristano Veneto of The Urban Gentry YouTube channel interviews watch collector Sandro Fratini, who owns one of the world’s most prestigious, and expensive, private watch collections, including watches from Patek, Rolex, Tissot, and more.

Aptly, the interview takes place in the horology-themed Hotel L’Orologio in Florence, Italy, which has design elements throughout the hotel, such as bathroom mirrors that have the look of fluted Rolex bezels, and sink faucets with handles that look like the crown of a Rolex. Fratini owns the hotel, which like the 2,000-piece watch collection, is an extension of his “passion” for watches.


The screengrab was taken from The Urban Gentry video (above).

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