Ulysse Nardin’s Freak Vision is the first – from the collection that debuted in 2001 – to incorporate an automatic winding movement within the design that consists of a distinctive baguette-shaped movement and features a flying carrousel rotating around its own access.

The Freak Vision has an ultra-light silicium balance wheel with nickel variable inertia blocks (patented) and silicium micro-blades that stabilize the amplitude and significantly increase accuracy.

There is a new 3D carved upper bridge, a new box type domed sapphire crystal which allows for a thinner middle and bezel, and the case has new horns, bezel, and rubber elements.

A new “Grinder” automatic winding system, which Ulysse Nardin claims “revolutionizes energy transmission, surpassing existing systems for efficiency by a factor of two,” generates energy with even the slightest movement of the wrist. “The oscillating rotor is linked to a frame containing four arms, which gives the automatic system twice the torque – like having four pedals on a bike instead of two – while a flexible guidance mechanism drastically limits friction.”

Ulysse Nardin uses an anchor escapement that uses a constant force escapement made entirely of silicium and features a circular frame with a pallet fork that moves with no friction. The pallet fork is fixed in the center and supported in space on two blade springs. Mounted perpendicular to each other, they receive a bending force that curves and keeps them in a bi-stable state. The result is a positive energy balance that maintains the oscillations of the balance wheel at a constant rate without the influence of torque variation from the mainspring.

The Freak Vision is presented in a platinum case measuring 45 mm in diameter, with lateral sidebars coated in blue rubber. The caseback is titanium, secured with 6 screws, and offering a view of the “Grinder” through a domed sapphire crystal

The new caliber UN-250 movement beats at 2.5Hz and has a power reserve of 50-hours (at constant amplitude). Time is set with the front bezel, which features a lever lock. Manual winding is possible by rotating the back bezel.

Retail is approximately $95,000. (Ref. 2505-250)

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