Armin Strom debuted a very special timepiece today — marking five years since its first resonance watch was introduced.

The Zeitgeist Resonance is a one-off halo timepiece featuring the company’s patented resonance technology, delivered inside a premium platinum case that measures 43 mm x 11.55 mm. In addition to the 950 platinum case, this new design uses German silver, stainless steel, brass, and 18K white gold.

Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance

Most watch companies have avoided developing resonance-based movements due to its inherent technical complexity, but thanks to an ingenious design that connects the dual balance wheels via a patented physical resonance clutch spring, which are connected to dual balance wheels and hairsprings — and that drive dual seconds displays — Armin Strom delivers the most accurate and reliable “resonance” in timekeeping.

Resonance mechanism

“Armin Strom began working with resonance by learning from what Christiaan Huygens, Abraham-Louis Breguet, and Antide Janvier had already discovered centuries ago: resonance is incredibly valuable for consistency, employing scientific principles to regulate rate precision over time. The old masters were engineers who sought to create the most precise and consistent timekeepers for use as scientific instruments, performing tests to discover new principles. The phenomenon of resonance on oscillating systems was successfully applied to horology but has remained very rare due to the difficulty of its implementation,” according to the manufacture.

Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance

Based on Breguet’s early experiments, Armin Strom learned that the most effective way to create resonance was to link the two oscillators via a shared suspension, and this is how the patented resonance clutch spring came about. When the dual balance wheels and hairsprings begin oscillating, they’re initially out of sync, but once the vibrational energy is transferred between the clutch spring (made from a single piece of steel with long curvature akin to a tuning fork), their rates are averaged as they begin oscillating in perfect resonance — which results in marine chronometer level accuracy, according to Armin Strom. (Hopefully, we’ll have the opportunity to independently test the veracity of this statement in the near future.)

Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance

A fully skeletonized off-center white gold dial ring with shiny white lacquer varnish and black indices along with in-house manufactured skeletonized lance-shaped stainless steel hands displays the time: hours and minutes. To the left of the main off-center dial are two running seconds dials, also made of 18K white gold and painted with the same white polished lacquer varnish. These dual running seconds displays (with three-pronged continuously running seconds hands) automatically sync up to each other within ten minutes or less, just as was the case on the original resonance timepiece from 2016. And even though later, more advanced resonance movements don’t have a corrector button — as a nod to the past the first model, a pusher on the baseband (at 2 o’clock) allows the user to instantly sync the seconds displays on demand.

Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance

Preceded by the 2016 Mirrored Force Resonance, the 2018 Pure Resonance, the 2018 Dual Time Resonance, and the 2019 Minute Repeater Resonance  — Armin Strom’s newest generation of resonance is the quickest and most reliable on the market, synchronizing faster than any other watch using resonance.

Armin Strom Resonance Clutch Spring Registered patent

Armin Strom manufactured the new 3.5Hz caliber ARF21-ZG for this piece unique, and it will likely be used in future iterations as well. The 260 component, 39-jewel, hand-wound movement has two mainspring barrels that can deliver up to 80-hours of power when fully wound, two independent regulation systems, and twin second push-button flybacks. The movement measures 36.60 mm x 7 mm and most notably utilizes German nickel silver which is visible prominently on both the dial and caseback side, and thanks to its warm hue, produces a sublimely rich contrast with the painted dials and other components.

Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance caseback

The Armin Strom Zeitgeist Resonance (Ref. PT21-ZG.50) case is depth rated to 50 meters and is delivered on a premium 22 mm (at the lugs) black alligator leather strap, with white contrast stitching, that’s secured with a double folding clasp. The retail price is $170,000 and this is a piece unique.

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Photos by Armin Strom.

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