It’s all but inevitable that Apple will launch the iPhone 8 at the company’s September 12 iPhone event.

Many experts and websites are also predicting that the Apple Watch Series 3 will debut alongside the new phone.

With the iPhone 8 marking the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, and an all-new redesigned phone largely believed to be incoming, it makes a lot of sense that an all-new redesigned watch would accompany it, after all, the two devices work together.

That said, one of the juiciest rumors is that the Apple Watch may no longer need the iPhone to make calls because an LTE equipped Apple Watch could be coming. This would mean that there may finally be a camera coming, which could also mean we’ll get our first Facetime equipped Apple Watch, which could be a real game changer.

Why hold your phone up to your face and look like an idiot walking down the street when you can do it with a much more elegant smartwatch!

There are also rumors of a new display. In general, a sharper, brighter, more colorful screen with better resolution seems likely as Apple tends to do this with all their devices every couple years.

Further, as you can see in the rumored iPhone 8 image, the new phone in the middle uses more of the area of the phone for the screen, which if true could also mean that Apple has figured a way to fit more screen onto the same size Apple Watches. This would, of course, be great as carrying or wearing a smaller form factor device is generally preferable, but so is having a larger screen. This could the best of both worlds, so to speak.

Rumor iPhone 8 in the middle, iPhone 7 left, iPhone 7 Plus right

Additional rumors are that there could be new case materials offered, such as a platinum, titanium, or even a liquid metal coated case. Platinum is least likely, though, as the original 18K solid gold Apple Watches were eventually discontinued due to very high prices and low demand. Titanium and liquid metal are very interesting potential choices, though.

Some news outlets are also writing about smartbands, but this seems very unlikely as that is one more thing that could fail, and besides Apple already has an ecosystem of swappable straps to sell, and this would likely cannibalize on that.

Health features are paramount to the success of the Apple Watch, and one of the biggest reason people are buying them, so expect to see more functions in this regard, with both the new device and the new operating system Watch OS 4, which could come out this year as well.

The Apple Watch may not excite you like a Patek Philippe Calatrava or Rolex Daytona, nevertheless it does not matter as they continue to lead the market, and an increasing number of people, often that have never worn anything on their wrist, are wearing smartwatches.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

Jason is the founder of Professional Watches and specializes in writing, product photography, and digital marketing.