Last year rumors suggested that the Apple Watch Series 7 would come in an all-new, boxy form factor.

That was proven wrong when the new Series 7 was introduced with rounded edges.

Fast forward to 2022, and the same rumors of a new boxy case design, akin to the aesthetics of the current iPhones, are back. So it seems that the rumors may have been correct, just a year premature. Whether there were technical issues, pandemic issues, or if this was planned to be a 2022 release from the start is unclear.

A new tidbit has been added to the list of Apple Watch Series 8 rumors. Analyst Ross Young says the 45 mm version will not be the larger model and instead Apple plans to offer a 50 mm version (1.97″) as the largest Apple Watch. The veracity of this will likely not be revealed until September when Apple has historically announced its new Apple Watches.

There could be three Apple Watch models offered, at 41 mm, 45 mm, and 50 mm, although nothing’s been confirmed. Rumors also suggest a new extreme sports model. And according to MacRumors, analyst Jeff Pu also said Apple supplier Luxshare will be the “sole supplier” for a “high-end” 2-inch Apple Watch model.

The other big potential update could be a body temperature function that tells you if you have a fever, and need to see a doctor, which is in line with the Apple Watch’s health focus.

None of this information is confirmed, but knowing Apple’s proclivity to continuously update and improve all of its products — we can expect to see significant new changes this Fall when Apple drops the Apple Watch Series 8.




Photo by Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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