During the latest episode of Ray Donovan: Season 7 Ep 7: The Transfer Agent – which premiered on Showtime this past Sunday (December 29, 2019) – there’s a flashback to the 1970s and the character Jimmy Sullivan is shown prominently wearing a Bulova Computron, in the original gold-tone finish.

Bulova released a retro version (re-edition) in 2019 that’s faithful to the original Computron from 1976, although not quite an exact replica. Whether Jimmy is wearing an authentic vintage model, the new throwback version, or something slightly different is unclear. What is clear is that he’s wearing the watch on his right arm, the bracelet is fitted very loosely, and the watch is on backward.

2019 Bulova Computron LED gold-tone throwback
2019 Bulova Computron LED gold-tone re-edition

The stainless steel watch measures 31 mm x 13.8 mm and has a very distinctive trapezoidal-shaped case. Most notably, the Computron features an electronic all-digital LED readout. The angle of the readout is such that you can see the watch easily while driving a car, without taking your hands from the steering wheel, and so it’s often referred to as a “driver’s watch.”

Retail is $395. Learn more at Bulova.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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