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Fabien Cousteau + DOXA for Underwater Mission 31

In June, Fabien Cousteau began Mission 31, which is a 31-day underwater mission that aims to set a new human submersion record. DOXA, who was chosen to provide the official timepieces for Cousteau’s dive, will also set a record for the longest continuously submerged dive watch.

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Basel 2011 Doxa Grafic Mistero

The Grafic Mistero from Doxa is not bound by the established conventions of classical watchmaking! With its two superposed dials pierced to partially reveal the chronograph counters, it marks a return to the Bauhaus movement, which married architecture and minimalism. The black dial of the radically-matt black case is contrasted with a few red and silvered highlights, giving this timepiece its sophisticated and resolutely masculine character.

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