Doxa recreated a rare 1970s-era dive watch in partnership with dive gear manufacturer Poseidon.

Historically Doxa’s best known for the SUB 300T dive watches with iconic orange (“Professional”), black (“Sharkhunter”), and silver (“Searambler”) dials. But there was also a version with a bright yellow dial, known as the “Divingstar.”

The Divingstar and its yellow dial are the rarest of the aforementioned models, naturally making desirable for vintage watch collectors.

Marked by a black and yellow Poseidon logo to the lower left quadrant of the yellow dial. This recreation, is, of course, the rare version made in partnership with the Swedish dive equipment company, Poseidon (similar to Doxa’s partnership with Aqua-Lung).

The Sub 300T Divingstar Poseidon edition pays homage to the very first Doxa to utilize the brand’s iconic yellow Divingstar on the dial and is emblazoned with Poseidon’s classic trident logo at 7:00 and boasting four times the water resistance of the original at 1200 meters.

While the Poseidon has the same 42 mm diameter case of the 300T, the dial aperture is a bit wider and the crystal is flat, so it looks a bit more modern like the 1200T.

Limited to 300 pieces. Retail price is $2,490.

Posted by:Jason Pitsch

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