Following the release of the MRGB5000 collection earlier this year, which included two references, Casio has added one more reference to the collection.

In addition to the MRGB5000B-1 that we recently reviewed, and the titanium-colored MRGB5000D-1 reference, the MRGB5000BA-1 adds a third titanium case variant to Casio’s most prestigious watch line.

MRG B5000BA-1 angled

Like the two aforementioned models, the case dimensions and materials — which include Cobraion (bezel), DAT55G titanium (bracelet), and Ti64 titanium (case and caseback) — are the same. A black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating protects the exterior of the watch and offers both black mirrored and matte black surfaces.

MRG B5000BA-1 side view

Instead of the red highlight colors found on the previously released MRGB5000 models, this new addition has blue accent hues. Notably, this new MR-G timepiece has large swaths of the blue accent color on the dial, as well as being added to the bracelet and case flanks. Gold accents are also present — including for the MR-G logo and SHOCK RESIST shield — but not on the caseback or bracelet lock button, as seen on the MRGB5000B-1. Another change is seen on the dial display, which is now white on black as opposed to black on white.

MRG B5000BA-1 close-up

The movement is identical to the existing MRG5000B references mentioned above and includes Bluetooth functionality when connected to a smartphone via the Casio Watches app. A tough solar power system allows light to enter the dial and recharge the battery. Together, the watch delivers supreme accuracy and never needs to be charged, except by light. If Bluetooth is not available then Atomic timekeeping kicks in.

MRG B5000BA-1 caseback

The MRGB5000BA-1 retails for $4,000 and will be available for purchase starting this July at select retailers, at the G-Shock SoHo store, and online. 


Photos by G-Shock.

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